Lucky Prospect 2021 - Scooter Deck


Lucky Prospect 2021 Freestyle Park Scooter Deck

The 2021 Prospect has been upgraded in all the right places. The deck is now 4.8" Wide by 19.5" Long giving advanced riders more foot space that they need! Also new for 2021 is a complete boxed front end making stalls and grinds easier than ever. This deck includes a Steely Brake, fitted grip tape and rear axle hardware. 


Weight: 1.25 kg / 2.75 lbs
Length: 495mm / 19.5"
Width: 122mm / 4.8"
Headtube / neck: Forged CNC 
HT Angle: 82.5°
Concave: 4 °
End of deck type: Angle
Material: 6061-T6 aluminium
Brake: Lucky Steely brake
Other: Comes with griptape


Wheel diameter 
100mm: Yes
110mm: Yes
120mm: Yes
125mm: No
Wheel Width 
24mm: Yes.
28mm: No
30mm: No
12STD: No