Ipozon Trampoline Scooter


Ipozon Trampoline Scooter

Ipozon Trampoline Scooter can help in practicing pro stunt scooter tricks on the ground and playing on the trampoline. The innovative patented structural design provides you with more ways to play. Spin, whip, even 360° kickflip!  

To combine, To more fun! Better design, better quality. It’s your turn to do what you want to do! 


The bar is 0.65kg / 1.4lbs, and the deck is 0.8kg / 1.75lbs. With the unique design, it will feel more like a real scooter.

  • Total Weight: 1.45kg / 2.2lbs
  • Bar Height: 673.5mm / 26.5”
  • Bar Width:  440mm / 17.3”
  • Deck Length: 530mm / 20.9”
  • Deck Width: 160mm / 6.3”
  • Foot Space: 14.75" / 37.5cm