Hella Grip Sloth Wax - Blue


  • Palm-sized and puck-shaped for prime hand-gripping
  • Wax color is solid blue (unscented)
  • Wax is branded with Hella Gripäó»s famous äóìOG Slothäó? logo
  • Metal wax containter keeps wax protected during retail and consumer storage
  • Reusable container for storing personal items

"It may seem counterintuitive for a company that specializes in grip to delve into the world of anti-grip products, but perhaps our in-depth knowledge of grip makes us the perfect crew to help eliminate the bane of our existence: Sticky ledges and rails. Weäó»re all familiar with the old saying, äóìKnow thy enemy.äó? If your enemy is sticky-sketchiness, then Hella Gripäó»s OG SLOTH WAX is your perfect weapon. Weäó»ve all witnessed our homies take a beating from stubborn cement and metal. I too have felt the skin-shredding sting of such vengeful obstacles. I finally say, äóìNo More!äó? | Just like griptape, wax is nothing new to most of us. However, Hella Grip has always been about doing things better and slothier, specifically for all the scooter homies out there. Weäó»re continuing our mission to focus on perfecting accessories for scooter riders. That direct focus has allowed us to create a high-quality puck of wax for our fellow shredders. Our wax and wax-container have been in development in the USA for over a year, so this isnäó»t something we just ordered online from China over the weekend. Not only have we created a hefty puck of wax for long-lasting use, weäó»ve engraved each puck with your favorite OG Sloth logo. The wax puck is also slightly concaved on one side to help provide a snug grip for your palm. My favorite detail is actually not the wax, but the wax container. The aluminum container is branded with our large OG Sloth logo, and can be reused to store whatever your all-natural creative mind desires. Not to mention, itäó»s much better than throwing a cheap candle in your backpack and letting it melt everywhere while you cruise around (Our Australian brothers/sisters should keep that in mind now that theyäó»re approaching the Summer heat). Weäó»re proud to finally offer a new product outside of our evolving line of griptape, so visit your local shop this week if you wish to be some of the first riders to try out OG Sloth Wax. For those doing some holiday shopping, youäó»ll notice our wax makes for a perfect stocking-stuffer or Hanukkah gift. Most importantly, donäó»t forget to stay slothy and help put an end to sticky spots by the end 2016."- the Boss @mcmasher #OGslothWax