Hella Grip Classic Logo Griptape - Zack Martin


  • Zack Martin Signature Colorway
  • Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner
  • Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
  • Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive
  • Sheet Measures 24.00 x 06.00 Inches


Zack Martin (AKA Martini) is a true homie (like all HG homies), so we’re super stoked to see him destroying every spot he touches and keeping up one of the chilliest attitudes possible in the process. Zack’s proven he is a non-stop shredder and steady clip-stacker and has earned his very own Hella Grip Signature Colorway. Hella Grip is 100% Made in the USA and is a top quality high end Grip Tape. Made of Premium Quality Silicone Carbide Grit Formula. Featuring a Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner and highly aggressive weatherproof adhesive. Hella Grip is extremely durable and built to last.