Havoc Small Peg (SINGLE) - Scooter Peg

$7.95 $12.50

Havoc Small Peg (SINGLE) Scooter Peg

Here's your chance to get a set of awesome pegs on special! That stubby peg is perfectly made to fit the back of your scooter with a peg extension made to cover the gap created by the angle of the deck and if your back end is larger, just take off the extension! Also, the head of the peg is large enough to fit a 13mm ratchet head to give the best fitting and to put double pegs!

If you need other axles to better fit your set-up, check here! 


Comes with:

1 aluminium peg and 1 aluminium peg extension

1 axle 115mm and 1 axle 80mm