Fuzion Z-Series 350 Teal / Gold - Scooter Complete

$199.95 $240.00

Fuzion Z-Series 350 Teal / Gold Scooter Complete

Upgrade to the Fuzion Z-Series 350 Teal/Gold Scooter for a fresh and sleek park set-up. With a compact deck, the z350 boasts a never-ending sense of style. (Never gets old. Get it?)


Total Weight: 3.2kgs - 7.05lbs
Total Height: 865mm - 34”
Grips: Fuzion Hex Grips
Bars: Fuzion aluminium bars
Bars Height: 610mm - 24”
Bars Width: 560mm - 22"
Clamp: Fuzion Alu 2 Bolts Clamps
Headset: Integrated
Fork: Fuzion Steel IHC Fork
Deck: Fuzion Aluminium Entropy Deck but without the neck cutouts. 
Deck Length: 495mm - 19.5”
Deck Width: 120mm - 4.75”
Deck Footspace: 355m - 14"
Brake: Nylon and Steel Brake
Griptape: High Quality Fuzion Griptape
Wheels: Fuzion Hollowcore 110mm x 24mm 86A with Fuzion Bearings