Fuzion Reaper Red White - Custom Scooter

$299.95 $496.65

The Fuzion Reaper Red White Custom Scooter features a strong SCS compression system and a lightweight Reaper Aluminium bar for maximum weight / strength ratio and performance. Its Entropy boxed scooter deck allows for versatile and smooth rides, making it the perfect choice for any beginner or experienced rider.


Total Weight:  3.77 kg - 8.31 lbs
Total Height: 89cm - 35”
Grips: Trynyty 
Bars: Envy Reaper V2 Aluminum (cut at the slit)
Bars Height: 610mm - 24”
Bars Width: 600mm - 23.6 "
Clamp: Trynyty Simple SCS
Headset: QC Scooters Conical 
Fork: Fuzion Paradox 
Deck: Fuzion Entropy 2.0 Deck
Deck Length: 520mm / 20.5”
Deck Width: 127mm / 5”
Deck Footspace: 362m / 14.25"
Brake: Nylon and Steel Brake
Griptape: QC Scooter Griptape
Wheels: Fuzion Marker Hollowcore 110x24mm