Flavor Essence - Scooter Fork


Flavor Essence Forks work with either SCS or HIC compression. SCS/HIC forks come with either an integrated star nut or a top cap that screws into the top of the forks.
Forks with an integrated star nut work great with either HIC or SCS compression but forks like the Tilt Legacy forks, which have a top cap are the most effective forks you can buy to use in conjunction with SCS compression.


  • Made from 6082 series aluminum
  • One-piece threadless fork featuring a unique compression cap that works perfectly with SCS compression
  • Steerer tube length: 150mm
  • Compatible with HIC and SCS compression
  • 10mm offset and are compatible with wheels up to 110mm
  • Available dimensions: Steerer tube length: 150mm