Ethic DTC Vulcain 12STD - Complete Scooter



Ethic DTC Vulcain 12STD - Complete Scooter

The Ethic DTC Complete Vulcain is the best value for a 12std complete. Big and light.

This scooter include: Vulcain Deck, Legion 12std fork, Almasty v2 bar HIC, Mogway v2 12std wheels.


* Comes with the standard adaptors to swith to normal wheels


Total Weight: 4 kg / 8.80 lbs

Total Height: 910mm / 36"

Grips: Ethic DTC classic soft grips

Bars: Ethic DTC Almasty V2 oversized Butted with backsweep. Butted steel bars give a better weight to strength ratio then aluminium.

Bars Height: 670mm / 26.4"

Bars Width: 600mm / 23.6"

Clamp: 2 bolt Oversised ALU clamp - 6mm allen

Headset: Integrated

Fork: Ethic DTC Legion 12STD. 

Deck: Ethic DTC Vulcain. Welded front ends.

Deck Length: 5260mm / 22"

Deck Width: 140mm / 5.25"

Deck Footspace: 370mm / 14.5"

Brake: Ethic DTC 12STD nylon brake

Griptape: Ethic DTC cut out logo big grain

Wheels: Ethic DTC Mogway 12STD 125mm x 30mm.