Ethic DTC Heracles Steel 12STD HIC - Scooter Fork


Ethic DTC Heracles Steel 12STD HIC Freestyle Scooter Fork

The Heracles fork is designed above all to be tough, and to be the first indestructible fork in the game.
Created in 4130cr, it differs from the rest of the forks in the Ethic range thanks to the properties of chromoly, which give it stable strength over the years (unlike aluminium, which tires over time).
It also features new technologies and manufacturing processes that reduce its weight and make it the first steel fork to rival aluminium forks in this respect (heat treatment / butted fluted tubing).
The threading at the base of the tube makes it compatible with the BPM system and ballast to optimise your scooter balance.
Designed to be used with 12 Standard wheels, it is also compatible with 8 STD ones (8x24mm) thanks to the adapters included in the box.
The Heracles fork is available in both SCS and HIC versions, each optimised for their distinctive compression systems.


Weight: 310g - 0.68lbs (fork only) / 405g - 0.89lbs (full pack)
Compression: HIC
Wheel Size: 125mm max
Wheel Width: 30mm (12STD)
12 Standard Compatible: Yes
Material: Cromo 4130-Cr (heat treated after welding)
Offset: Yes
Forktube Length: 146mm - 5.75"