Envy Prodigy X Street - Scooter Complete


The Prodigy X Street is built with new technology and classic features such as TPR Handgrips and Diamond forks for durability. It also has several upgrades including a new Extech extrusion deck with a stealth profile and a redesigned PX Headtube for better contact. The deck has dimensions of 5.5” W x 21” L and updated Aluminium Box Ends for smoother grinds. The scooter is lightweight at 3.585kg/7.9lbs and includes upgraded parts such as a stronger grip tape and an Essential 4 Bolt SCS clamp. The STREET complete is designed for street riding and has Fully Butted T bars and SECTOR 120mm x 26mm PU wheels for a smoother ride. The Prodigy X Street is known for quality and performance, making it a reliable choice for any rider.


Total Weight: 3.585kgs - 7.9 lbs
Total Height: 900mm - 35.5”
Grips: 160mm TPR handgrips with nylon bar ends
Bars: New Butted Chromoly steel bars
Bars Height: 620mm - 24.4"
Bars Width: 595mm - 23.43"
Clamp: Essentiel SCS clamp
Headset: Integrated with low stack cap
Fork: Diamond 6061 ALU SCS. Up to 30mm x 125mm compatible
Deck: New Prodigy X Deck. Front nylon inserts and redesigned deck ends
Deck Length: 533mm - 21"
Deck Width: 140mm - 5.5"
Deck Footspace: 345mm - 13.5”
Brake: Envy Nylon one bolt 110mm to 120mm
Griptape: High quality mid grip
Wheels: 120mm x 26mm 86A PU Sector Wheels