Envy Diamond SCS - Scooter Fork



Envy Diamond SCS Freestyle Scooter Fork

Customise your stunt scooter with the newest CNC 6063 Aluminium SCS Forks available now. 

Compatible with up to 125mm wheels, these are some of the most versatile fork options for custom or pro scooters out there. 

Also Includes front axle, spacers ready to install.

The 28mm & 30mm Spacers are also easily compatible for use with wider scooter wheels.


Weight: 289g - 0.66lbs

Compression: HIC / SCS

Wheel Size: 125mm max

Wheel Width: 24mm / 28mm / 30mm

Material: 6063 aluminium

Offset: Yes

Forktube Length: 140mm - 5.5"