Envy AOS V4 Ltd Didine - Scooter Deck


Didine Terchague has been riding for Envy / Blunt for a while now and has been throwing down some of the craziest tricks we've ever seen. His group of friends consists of Flavio Pesenti, Charles Padel, and Jonathan Peroni, so it makes sense why he's so good. Whether its cruising the streets of Paris, or front flipping off rails in Lake Havasu Didine puts in 100% and that's why it was a no brainer for Envy to give him his own deck. This is Envy's first ever 6" wide deck which is a huge deal! Just like every other AOSv4 LTD deck, this guy is compatible with 120mm wheels. It comes 23" long to make up for its width and features an 82.5-degree headtube angle. Bottom line is this deck is huge and made for specific riders. Are you one of them? We'll leave that up to you! 

WIDTH: 28.00 (IN)
HEIGHT: 10.00 (IN)
DEPTH: 10.00 (IN)