The Eratitan with Titanium Bar - Custom Scooter

$499.95 $649.95

The Eratitan with Titanium Bar Custom Scooter

The Eratitan with Ti bars is your ultimate scooter. Lightweight, durable, and sleek, this scooter delivers a smooth ride with its Leo Spencer wheels and its Erawan deck. Built with a new QC Scooters titanium bar, it offers a long-lasting, reliable performance.


Total Weight: 3.10kg - 6.8lbs
Total Height: 850mm - 33.5”
Grips: Drone Grips  
Bars: QC Scooters Titanium Bar
Bars Height: 620mm - 24.4”
Bars Width: 580mm - 22.8"
Clamp: Ethic DTC Valkyria 
Headset: Ethic DTC Oracle
Fork: North Scooters Amber 24 mm
Deck: Ethic DTC Erawan v2
Deck Length: 50mm -  19.7"
Deck Width: 120mm - 4.7"
Deck Footspace: 320mm - 12.7"
Griptape: Ethic DTC Erawan Griptape
Wheels: Fuzion Leo Spencer Signature 110 mm