The Color Violet - Custom Scooter

$499.95 $665.65

The Color Violet Custom Scooter

Introducing the Color Violet - the ultimate custom scooter for park riders. With its river wheels and slick design, this scooter offers superior speed and control. The fuzion deck ensures stability and the great color combo adds a touch of style to your ride. Upgrade to the Color Violet today!


Total Weight: 3.18kg - 7lbs
Total Height: 851mm - 33.5”
Grips: Oath Bermuda
Bars: Ethic DTC Dryade V2
Bars Height: 620mm - 24.4”
Bars Width: 560mm - 22"
Clamp: Trynyty Lumberjaxe
Headset: Ethic DTC Integrated
Fork: Triad conspiracy TUC fork (fits all compression system)
Deck: Fuzion Entropy 2.0
Deck Length: 495mm -  19.5"
Deck Width: 127mm - 5"
Deck Footspace: 355mm - 14"
Griptape: VersusProShop Splatter Logo
Wheels: River Jordan Clark Signature