The Proislick - Custom Scooter

$569.95 $717.60

The Proilslick - Custom Scooter

When it comes to light and durable scooters, the Proilslick is a very good one. This scooter rocks the Benjamin Friand signature deck, along with other notorious scooter parts that will make any park rider excited, like a Triad Extortion Aluminum bar and the Envy 2 bolt clamp, light and reliable.


Grips: Drone Grips
Bars: Triad Extortion Aluminum 
Bars Height: 675mm - 26.6"
Bars Width: 585mm - 23"
Clamp: Envy 2 bolt
Headset: Ethic DTC Integrated
Fork: Oath Shadow IHC fork
Deck: Striker BenJ No Limit
Deck Length: 530mm / 20.9”
Deck Width: 127mm - 5"
Deck Footspace: 380mm - 15"
Griptape: Versus X QCS Hover Scooter Kevin Turgis Signature
Wheels: Fuzion Flight 110mm