Cody Flom Signature V4 - Scooter Deck


Cody Flom Signature V4 Park Freestyle Scooter Deck

The Lucky Cody Flom Signature V3.0 Deck is wider, more balanced, still super light and a perfect complement to Cody's unbelievable flow and his amazing riding style.

With his 2nd place at Nitro World Games, 2nd place at AUS Pro Series, 6th place in the 2018 ISA World Championship, and his countless wins in North America, he is already making his mark in the scootering world. Cody's favorite verse from the bible is placed on the side of the deck, It's a constant reminder and motivator for Cody to always do his best. The unique graphic and multiple colors will keep heads turning at the park.


Weight: 1.32 kg / 2.9 lbs

Length: 520mm / 20.5"

Width: 122mm / 4.8"


Headtube / neck: Forged CNC 

HT Angle: 82.5°

Concave: 4  °

End of deck type: Angle

Material: 6061-T6 aluminium

Brake: Lucky Steely brake

Other: Comes with griptape. Welded front


Wheel diameter 

100mm: Yes

110mm: Yes

120mm: Yes

125mm: No

Wheel Width 

24mm: Yes.

28mm: No

30mm: No

12STD: No