Bones STF Decenzo Monkey Bizz V2 - Skateboard Wheels

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The Bones STF Decenzo Monkey Bizz V2 Wheels are specifically formulated for what you skate. The V-Series Wheels are made with Bones Street Tech Formula, giving you more slide-ability and way less flat spots creating a wheel with a substantially higher rebound for more speed and amazing slide capabilities. Manufactured in the U.S. at the Bones factory in Santa Barbara, California, the V-Series are skater engineered and designed for the ultimate performance. Wheels are sold in sets of four.


  • Bones V2 shape
  • 83B/103A durometer
  • STF formula
  • Classic street shape
  • Lightweight, stable and durable
  • Better for locking into grinds and slides
  • Ryan Decenzo pro model