Boiling Hot Blu-Ray Custom - Complete Scooter

$599.95 $750.00

Boiling Hot Blu-Ray Custom Complete Scooter

This week we built up another big solid custom complete scooter. The features some nice blue and bluray parts that pair up well with the Matte black bar and deck.


Total Weight: 4.45kgs / 9.8 pounds
Total Height: 1016mm / 40”  (can be cut! Ask us to do it for you)
Grips: Trynyty Grips
Bars: Drone Relic
Bars Height: 711mm / 28"
Bars Width: 610mm / 24"
Clamp: Root Industries Air SCS
Headset: Trynyty Integrated
Fork: Root Air
Deck: North Scooters Horizon Team Edition
Deck Length: 552mm / 21.75"
Deck Width: 147mm / 5.8"
Deck Footspace: mm / ”
Brake: North Steel Brake
Griptape: Urbanartt Blue
Wheels: Trynyty Gothic 110x24mm Blue