Apex Bol Bars Standard - Scooter Bars



Apex Bol Bars Standard Freestyle Scooter Bars

The infamous Bol Bars (named after Apex Team Rider Jess Boland) is most certainly the most popular freestyle scooter bar of all times! It's tig welded, CNC bent and notched out of 4130 chromoly steel, so you know it will last for a lifetime! 


Weight: 1.41 kg / 2.69 lbs

Height: 584mm / 23"

Width: 559mm / 22"

Material: 4130 Chromoly steel

Diameter: 31.8" Standard

Butted: No

Slit: Yes. +/- 80mm

Backsweep: No


IHC: Yes. NEed a slit. Need a standard clamp or oversized with shim.


SCS: Yes. Need a standard SCS clamp pr oversized with standard shim

ICS: Yes. Need a starnut. Not recommended on steel bars.

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