Apex Angle 5" Blue - Scooter Deck


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Apex Angle 5" Blue Freestyle Scooter Deck

This new extrusion has enabled each deck to decrease in weight and increase in strength. If a rider chooses a small or large size, they’re going to be guaranteed an all rounded deck.

The 580mm deck will remain with an angled back to decrease weight and mobility for riders who enjoy park tricks, as well as street and technical tricks. This deck will have an increased rail width to maximise the grinding surface area.


Weight: 1.24 kg / 2.73 lbs

Length: 580mm / 22.83" - 19.3" calculated by the base of the deck.

Width: 127mm / 5"


Headtube / neck: Forged and CNC. Double welds

HT Angle


End of deck type: Angle

Material: 6061 T6 Aluminium

Brake: Steel

Other: Welded front ends / neck.



100mm: Yes

110mm: Yes

120mm: Yes

125mm: No


24mm: Yes.

28mm: No

30mm: No

12STD: No