Ethic DTC Almasty V2 - Scooter Bars



Ethic DTC Almasty V2 Freestyle Scooter Bars

The Ethic Almasty V2 scooter bars is the perfect balance of weight, solidity and back sweep that will give you the best feeling handlebar out there! 


Weight: 1.09 kg / 2.39 lbs

Height: 620mm / 24.4" - 670mm / 26.4" - 720mm / 28.4"

Width: 600mm / 23.6"

Material: 4130 Chromoly steel heat treated after welding

Diameter: 34.9mm Oversized

Butted: Yes

Slit: Yes. Comes with a SCS plug

Backsweep: Yes


IHC: No. Except if your IHC fork as HIC conversion shim.

HIC: Yes

SCS: Yes. Need an SCS plug or to cut the bar over the slit. Need an oversized SCS clamp


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