With so many different styles, sizes and colors, buying a scooter can make for one stressful purchase. Here is our general guide for a FIRST freestyle scooter.

Approximate Size Chart

Rider Height Rider Age Scooter Bar Height
0 - 115 cm 6 years or less less than 70 cm Examples
115 - 127 cm 5 - 8 years  60 - 75 cm


120 - 144 cm 8 - 12 years  65 - 79 cm Examples
135 - 155 cm 11 - 15 Years 75 - 80 cm


161 - 173+ cm 14 + Years 78 + cm





The height of a scooter bar will make the biggest impact on the riding experience. Generally, we aim to have the bar between our hips and belly button. Don't forget that our chart is an approximation and is intended for beginners / first time freestyle riders.


Keep in mind


For more advanced riders, the size chart is no longer relevant. Some riders prefer to have a lower bar as it makes manipulating the scooter much easier. Other riders prefer a higher bar which is more comfortable and allows for better balance. It is only by riding overtime and developing your style and trick preference that you will be able to decide the best height for yourself moving forward. The above size chart is almost always the best starting point.