With so many different styles, sizes and colors, buying a scooter can make for one stressful purchase. Here is our general chart / guide for a FIRST freestyle scooter.

Approximate Size Chart

Rider Height Rider Age Scooter Bar Height
0 - 115 cm 6 years or less less than 70 cm Examples
115 - 127 cm 5 - 8 years  60 - 75 cm


120 - 144 cm 8 - 12 years  65 - 79 cm Examples
135 - 155 cm 11 - 15 Years 75 - 80 cm


161 - 173+ cm 14 + Years 78 + cm



The height of a scooter bar will make the biggest impact on the riding experience. Generally, we aim to have the bar between our hips and belly button. Don't forget that our chart is an approximation and is intended for beginners / first time freestyle riders.

Keep in mind!!!

For more advanced riders, the size chart is no longer relevant. Some riders prefer to have a lower bar as it makes manipulating the scooter much easier. Other riders prefer a higher bar which is more comfortable and allows for better balance. It is only by riding overtime and developing your style and trick preference that you will be able to decide the best height for yourself moving forward. The above size chart is almost always the best starting point. 


Freestyle Scooters

Over the years, the freestyle scooter industry boomed like crazy and scooters have evolved. Nowadays, a lot of cheap scooters are branded as «freestyle» but we, at our shop, personally consider a freestyle scooter to have a fixed bar, no folding system, aluminum core wheels and to be equipped with an integrated headset. For us, this is the minimum requirements to be considered safe for doing tricks. Otherwise, we classify them as junior scooters or transportation scooters.

We would classify the range of freestyle scooters into 3 main categories: Entry-Level, Mid-Range, Top of the line


Usually in between 200$-250$ (although more youth freestyle products are coming to the market cheaper than 200$ now). Those entry level scooters are roughly for ages 11 and younger.


. Steel fork

. 110mm wheels

. Smaller overall size


Usually in between 250$-300$, those will be my prime choice for teenagers as they are stronger and bigger. It’s also the price point where you get the best quality/price ratio (personal opinion here)


. Aluminum forks (lighter, stronger)

. 120mm wheels (faster)

. Bigger scooter



I’m putting the 300$ and more complete scooters in there. In that category you will find the crème de la crème. That’s where the parts will get more detailed and where the scooter will tend to have better aftermarket parts.


. Will have more detailed parts:

. Better look

. Better materials

. Better technology

. You will find scooters aimed really park and really street


Unclassified information

Custom scooters

We decided not to put custom scooters as a category of scooter because we wanted «normal» branded completes. A custom scooter is basically one built part by parts with after-market parts to suit the taste of the rider. You will for sure get the best of the best with this option. Check out our section of pre-build custom here «-