Scootering has always been about pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From gravity-defying tricks to mind-blowing stunts, riders are constantly seeking ways to improve their performance. And now, there's a new innovation that is set to revolutionize the scootering world: the lightest deck in the world.

What makes this deck so special?

This groundbreaking deck is not only the lightest in the world, but it is also the very first deck to stay under the Kilo. Created and studied from every angle, it has been meticulously designed to achieve the ultimate in lightness. After 9 years of research and development, it has finally arrived, surpassing its iconic predecessor, the Pandemonium V1.

Ethic DTC Pandemonium V2 Freestyle Scooter Deck Front And Bottom View

Unparalleled strength and durability

One of the key features of this deck is its exceptional strength to weight ratio. Hundreds of hours of simulations were carried out to obtain the most effective geometry possible, resulting in a deck that is 29% more resistant to the banana effect and 40% more resistant on the neck. This means that you can push their limits without worrying about the deck giving in.

Advanced materials for superior performance

The deck is now made from 6082 aluminum, which is slightly stronger than the usual 6061 aluminum used in most decks. This material not only contributes to the deck's lightweight design but also enhances its overall durability. It can withstand the toughest tricks and landings, ensuring that you can ride with confidence.

2 models, 3 sizes for each and 5 colors

The Pandemonium V2 now comes in a boxed version! Boosting the same great features as the angled one, but with a stronger deck-ends and a blunt plate for riders that like to do some grinds every now and then. The normal version comes in 3 colors, adding the new Chrome Blue to the Ethic DTC line-up. The boxed version only comes in black and raw. 

Ethic DTC Pandemonium V2 Scooter Deck Different Sizes And Colors
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Introducing the new torx male axle

The new torx male axle is another exciting addition to this deck. This innovative feature enhances the overall performance and solidity of the deck. It's just another example of how this deck is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in scootering.

Ethic DTC Pandemonium V2 Scooter Deck Torx Male Axle System

Scootering is all about pushing limits and breaking barriers. With the lightest deck in the world, you can now take your skills to new heights. Whether you're a professional or just starting out, this deck is a game-changer. Experience the future of scootering technology and elevate your ride to a whole new level.

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Gabriel Vinet