Today we wanted to put a spotlight on the 2022 Envy KOS series. Those top of the line scooters are coming in 3 different colors and styles to better fit your needs and style: KOS Charge ,KOS Heist and KOS Soul.

Fun Fact - KOS stands for King of Spades

Let's start from the top and work our way down 

New Will Scott Grips

All 3 models are coming stock with the new Envy Will Scott signature grips. Those grips have a super soft thermoplastic rubber compound, good durability with their extra 7mm thickness. They are also longer than most at 170mm. 
Also, they come with the brand new interchangeable bar ends from Envy. Using classic nylon bar plugs with outer alloy rings to achieve a bar end that can take a beating! 

Envy Scooters Will Scott Grips


Depending on the model of KOS you choose, the bars will be different. 

KOS Heist: Envy Reaper V2 scooter bars. Those aluminium bars have nothing to prove. They've been around for long so we know for sure that they're strong and light. 

KOS Charge: Envy Bull bars. Those aluminium bars might not be available to buy aftermarket, but Envy as been using that model on previous KOS for a while and we can assure you that they're easily equivalent to the Reaper V2 both in term of weight and strength. 

KOS Soul: Envy Soul Oversized scooter bars. Envy took the classic T-Bar and revamped it a bit by adding a clean, sweet double gusset to make it even stronger! Those 4130 chromoly steel bars will last for a long time. 

Clamps / Forks

Charge and Heist: Both are coming with aluminium bars and as such, they both roll with an Envy Declare V2 IHC fork and the Envy Forged Embossed Logo double clamp. The fork and the clamp have been used by Envy for a long time so we do know the trustworthiness of both!

Soul: This year Soul's have a nice upgrad with the use of an SCS compression provided by the new Envy Omen SCS clamp and the SCS version of the Envy Declare V2 fork. That SCS clamp is one of the lightest out there because of it's internal bevels. Don't be fooled by its simple look!


The decks might not look different from the previous version, but don't be fooled there too! Envy revamped the classic AOS V4 deck by using the base of the AOS V5 and keeping the stronger and simpler V4 neck, resulting in a unique and better deck. All models are coming in different sizes, have different designs and all come with Envy boxed ends (learn more on them here)


All three models are coming with the strongest 30mm wheels out there, the Envy Tri-Bearing 120mmx30mm. Those are the strongest because they use a unique 3 bearings set-up to achieve something stronger and stiffer than normal. They're also the only wheels that come with a treaded design! It wont be of much help on a scooter, but it is super nice and the soft 86A urethane feels like a charm!

You do not like 30mm wheels? Do not fret, Envy thought of that possibility and let you choose in between 28mm and 24mm wheels with their conversion spacers (not provided with to scooter)

To Summarize,

The new KOS completes are packed with new and trustworthy parts that will satisfy the intermediate and advance riders. At only 399.95$ for that complete, it wont break the bank either. 

Gabriel Vinet