It's not news to anyone, boxed decks are getting more and more popular and dominating in the street world. They are even being used by more and more park riders too..

Envy Scooters came out with a clever trick a couple of years ago to give you all the options on their decks: their plastic boxed ends. 

Envy Boxed Ends scooter deck accessories

Good or Bad?

Mostly good!

The slightly rounded bottom shape gives you a good control on your grinds. It has an inner aluminium center to keep good strength and the outer plastic portion helps you slide. 

We often see similar PC integration drop-outs that have problems with stripping, or the nut slot shape in the plastic gets rounded and you're now stock with the only option to grind your way thru the axle... But not even once did we have a problem with the Envy Boxed Ends, mostly because you have a long thread in the aluminium portion where the axle gets tightened. 

The real plus of having those is that you can take them off anytime you want to switch to an angle deck and even put pegs instead if that's what you're into. 

The only real downfall is that it gets used faster than aluminium deck ends, but you can exchange them when they get used as you would with pegs!


There's different sizes of boxed ends depending on the width of your Envy deck and it will fit on all Envy decks, even the Colt and Prodigy decks.

To check out the different sizes, you can check the product description here!

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Gabriel Vinet