Cortex Protection is a new brand coming in the game of certified helmets and we had the pleasure of trying them for ourselves. 

Not sure what's a certified helmet? Check here

Their first model is name CONFORM for a reason, they want you to fit the helmet perfectly to your head and that's why it comes with 4 pad thicknesses. Cortex decided to go with those various pads over the adjustable strap for more comfort and less chances of breaking. 

The pads are anti-sweat and anti-bacterial. They're comfortable, can be washed and last longer than normal 3 layered pads that come with most standard helmets. 


The InMould shell construction is a way to save weight on your helmet and it's the reason the new Conform is so light. The InMould helmets have the outer polycarbonate layer and the EPS foam fused together instead of the classic plastic shell. At only 284g (M-3mm) the Cortex is one of the lightest out there. 


Also, there's 2 other features that the Cortex has that often pass under the radar but are still quite nice to have on helmets:

A deep fitting liner that sits low, providing lower coverage protection.

A simple quick release side strap adjustment secured by internal anchors.

To summarise,

It's one of the best helmets we've tried so far because of it's weight, comfort and pads. Give it a go, it will fit you for sure! 

Check out their helmets here!

Gabriel Vinet