Root Industries AIR Grips Mixed - Scooter Grips


Now, Root Industries have improved on their best, with the release of the Root AIR grips. Available in loads of great colours, these are an absolute must-have product for all scooter riders. These new grips from Root Industries now have a leaner flange on both ends, a slightly softer compound, without compromise on the famous long-life that riders have experienced from Root Industries grips for years. The grips are 160mm long, which is slightly longer than most bicycle grips. Where these grips really stand out from the rest is in the choice of material used to make them. The grips are manufactured from a secret kraton gel formula, which provides the most amazing soft feel, yet in our tests proved to be the longest lasting grip amongst them all. This combination of comfort and durability is what makes the Root Industries grips stand out from the crowd.