North Scooters Akimbo 30mm - Scooter Fork


The classic North Akimbo Fork is back with the same great design as before; however, it did get some nice little upgrades.

The fork is machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum, features an integrated crown race as well as an integrated thread which removes the need for a star nut. To top it all off we also included an M8 axle system and 6mm M8 compression bolt with a CNC washer, ensuring your scooter will stay tight and remain dialed.

Releasing alongside our Peacemaker Fork which is intended for use with classic 24mm wide wheels, the Akimbo serves as our fork for use with 30mm wide, Radix style wheels


Featuring improvements and changes from the previous version like:

New material | The V2 uses a stronger 6061 T6 Aluminum, versus the previous 7005 Aluminum.

Better Hardware | We switched the M16 top cap out for a more practical washer and 6mm M8 bolt.

Although these changes may be small they make the fork 100x better while also fixing any past issues people may have had.


Size: Fits up to 125mm x 30mm Wheels (Includes Spacers for 24mm wide Wheels)



6061 T-6 Aluminum

Full CNC machined

6mm M8 Compression Bolt

CNC M8 Top Cap Washer