Native Versa - Scooter Fork


Native Versa Freestyle Scooter Fork

Native brings you the most versatile fork on the market. As scooter riders, Native draws inspiration from the evolving culture that Scootering is and design their products accordingly. The Versa Fork comes with an 8mm axle, 12mm axle and adaptive spacers to fit either 24mm or 30mm wide wheels. This fork is capable of running all of the industry standard wheels while looking really good. 

  • Axles and spacers for every kind of wheel 
  • M8 compression bolt/thread
  • Native logo etching 


Weight: 300g - 0.66lbs with hardware

Compression: HIC / SCS

Wheel Size: 130mm max

Wheel Width: 24mm / 30mm

12 Standard Compatible: Yes

Material: aluminium

Offset: Yes

Forktube Length: 150mm - 5.9"