MGP MFX Hurricane RWilly 120mm (SINGLE) - Scooter Wheel

$31.00 $53.00

The MFX Hurricane wheel is super light and durable with a CNC’d alloy core and 5 spoke design.

The Hurricane Core is wrapped with fast rolling and strong high-rebound 87A PU that was tested by Ryan Williams until perfected in hardness, grip and durability.

The RWilly Hurricane Wheel is fitted with our fastest rolling and highest precision ABEC-11 K3 Bearings.
Available in a range of anodized colors!

Here’s the deal:

• Designed by Ryan Williams.
• Light 5-Spoke Design.
• High-Rebound PU.
• Fast ABEC-11 K3 Bearings.
• 120mm Diameter.
• Anodized Cores.