Hella Grip Lineout Sloth Formula T - Scooter Griptape


Why is transparent grip cool? Well, for starters, it allows you to add grip and still see the images/colors originally printed on top of your new deck. Secondly, you can draw your own images or add stickers to the top of your deck and then protect them from getting scuffed while you shred. Thirdly, transparent grip is just plain dope, especially when it features our new Lineout Sloth logo. Don’t worry, that lack of black grains of grittiness doesn’t mean you’ll suffer a lack of grip. Our new transparent grip, aka Formula T, will provide that same high-quality grip as our fellow 6 x 24 sheets of classic Hella Grip. We’re super stoked to finally release our very first batch of Formula TC, and we’ll be sure to print more designs for y’all in the coming months. If you’re fortunate enough to cop one of these first-generation sheets, be sure to send us a photo of the grip once you’ve applied it. We’d love to see all the dope ideas y’all come up with.