Hella Grip Concrete Crew V2 - Scooter Griptape


  • Hella Grip-V2 Concrete Crew Collaboration GripTape
  • Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner
  • Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
  • Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive
  • Sheet Measures 24.00 x 06.00 Inches

GITN-UPC-EAN Number: 081351102247-4

Holy Sheet! | Another day, another new Hella Grip sheet. Nonetheless, this particular design is extra special because it’s our very first “Crew-Collabo” sheet. The Bay Area’s own Concrete Crew doesn’t produce any scooter parts or apparel (yet; waiting on those branded dad hats… psych), but that doesn’t stop them from producing mad footy. Like, seriously, mad dope footy! The Hella Grip Homies have had the honor of chaperoning the Concrete kids from spot to spot for the past few years, and we’ve watched them continue to shred as if they’re prepping for Street League – Booter Edition (aka BMX; Damn! I think that acronym is already taken). They’re not kids anymore (legally, I think a couple still are), and they’ll prove it when their take-home video project “Hella Good Stuff” premiers August 20th. To celebrate our ever-growing respect for what the Concrete Crew has accomplished, we’re releasing these limited-ish edition sheets with Concrete’s lovely bridge-inspired design (Remember my previous write-up about how we’re all about building bridges?... Foreshadowing at it’s finest). You don’t have to be from the Bay Area to dig this design. After all, concrete is a material used all over the world, since the beginning of time (Maybe not; at least since the beginning of the Roman empire. We’ll need a Haagism for that history lesson). Going forward, we hope to collaborate with other crews out there. Remember that crews are the bedrock of our sport’s community, so it’s vital to support them even when they don’t ask for help (unless they’re blowing up your IG account every single post, asking for parts or a sponsorship). Show your support for the Concrete Crew by picking up a sheet at your local shop (got support the shops as well), and do your best to attend the World Premier of “Hella Good Stuff” (Limited seating; Unlimited good times). - McMasher