2 big categories exist in the freestyle helmet world:



As the name implies, those helmets will come with certifications, either for bicycle CPSC or skateboarding ASTM. They’re also called multi-sports helmet since they can protect for real against big impacts. They are also called hard-shell because the outer shell is made of hard EPS foam.


How does it work?

When the impact is significant, the EPS foam breaks to spread the impact across the surface. This redistribution of impacts helps to reduce the severity of a potential concussion.



These helmets will have a lot of different qualities. Therefore, you could even  find one cheap at Wallmart.

Cheaper means:

. Will break more easily under smaller shocks where good quality will break when the impact is significant

. Interior padding will fade away faster.

. More chance of the outer plastic shell coming loose.

. Heavier and uncomfortable fit.

Suggested usage

. If you are a hard rider, jumping high and taking risks, we recomend a certified helmet for sure.

. Keep in mind, even if you are simply riding a bicycle for recreational purposes, the impact from a fall might not be the most dangerous BUT a certified will help with any unforseen accidents. Impact with a motor vehicle for example.

. If you don’t mind having a helmet on your head, you should always get a certified one… (personal opinion again)


Soft shell


It is a basically a soft plastic shell with soft dual density foam inside.


How does it work?

The impact of the fall will be «absorbed» by that cushion. No technology, no breaking, the equivalent of smashing your head with a hammer while being protected by a pillow. STILL, it is better to wear one than nothing!!!!

Also, the big PRO of those helmets is that they don’t break upon impact. So you can throw them as you like!



There no real difference in qualities for those helmets except the foam that can be covered with textile which will absorb more sweat and last longer.


Suggested usage

. Light skateboarding

. Light scootering

. Light BMX


As mention before, if you’re wearing a helmet, I would always suggest wearing a good one.