A scooter and a bike will have the same outer handlebar diameter. It means all bike and scooter grips should fit on one another.


There’s still one compatibility issue that could occur. Depending on the material your bar is made of (aluminum, Chromoly or Titanium) the bar ends that are included with the grips might not fit. Aluminium bars need to be thicker to attain a certain strength. This means the inner diameter can change from Aluminium bars to Steel and Titanium bars. Some aluminium bars are tapered at the end to fit standard bar ends. If yours is not, you can still buy a set separately to fit aluminium bars or trim the ones that come with your grips to the right size.

Some grips do come equipped with bar ends for BOTH steel and aluminium bars.


Because grips come down to a personal preference, it is hard to classify them as "best" or "worst".  Some will prefer soft, other we like them with harder rubber. Some with a straight ribbed pattern, others with funky side patterns. The thickness will also change. Thicker and harder generally lasts longer and gets more comfortable with time. Thinner and softer are more comfortable right away but tend to wear out faster.

To learn even more about how to choose your grips, check out our blog post « choose your grips »


Using compressed air to slide the grips on the bar is the best way to install them. If you don’t have access to compressed air, there’s a couple of other tricks to help you.

  1. The zip tie trick. You place zip-ties between the grips and the bars to slide them in to place. Next, you pull them out (the zip ties)  with pliers.
  2. Apply brake cleaner in the grips to slide them on. It dries super-fast and doesn't leave any residue. If it continues to slide after putting them on, it means it didn’t dry yet.
  3. Apply hair spray in the grips to slide them on. The hair spray being basically a light glue, when it dries it will stick. If it continues to slide after putting them on, it means it didn’t dry yet.

Those are going to be, for us, the best home tricks to put grips on. But we highly suggest using compressed air as it is the safest and best way!


*We are not responsible for any mishaps that could happen using the provided tricks. Always go to your local shop if you can!