Nowadays, you will either ride with a brake or with a fender. Some people prefer neither but this is pretty rare. Here what you should know. 


All good freestyle scooters will come with a flex brake. If you still have a spring brake, think about changing your ride. Flex brakes will be made of steel, of plastic or a mix of both. They bend to brake on the wheel and gives you a better feeling and better strength.


You will usually need to use the brake made for your deck. All brands have replacement parts and if you want to change, you can try universal brakes. There’s a couple of them in the market that fits most of the decks with holes in the top (if not it is possible to drill them so they fit).



Fenders are now the #1 choice in street riding and getting more popular for park riders too. It’s basically a brake that doesn’t brake because the bent side plates are touching the deck. It doesn’t flex, it doesn’t move, it can give you more foot space, can be used for leverage and are stronger than standard flex brakes.


There’s a couple of brands that are making fenders for their decks, but you have multiple after-market options that could work fine, you might need to drill your deck to have holes in the top of the deck if you don’t have some.