What is a Snow Scooter?

To put it simply, a Snow Scooter is a Freestyle Scooter that has been optimized for winter conditions and fitted with real skis instead of wheels. 

It is possible to purchase skis that replace wheels on a traditional freestyle scooter but the quality is simply incomparable to what we get when purchasing a COMPLETE snow scooter. For this reason, we sell complete snow scooters only. 

What is Eretic? 

FROM THE STREETS TO THE SNOW - A word from the team behind Eretic

"Our passion is freestyle scootering and we have been in the center of a lot of projects since the beginning of the sport, such as French ID, Addict, Ethic DTC and many more. Over the years, we have built a real expertise on how to make a scooter that feels good and behaves the way the rider wants.
As mountain lovers, the idea of bringing the feelings of scootering to the snow has been running through our minds for years, so the ride can never stop. We started designing prototypes more than five years ago, evolving every year step by step, but today, time has come to make this pleasure accessible to the greatest possible number of people. 

The result is a snowscoot way lighter than anything you can find on the market, perfectly workable on any type of terrain, easy to handle and with a thrilling freestyle potentiel.
Welcome this new way of riding, aiming for both extreme scooter rider as well as people willing to just have a good time on the tracks, enjoying this new feeling of freedom."


Where can I ride one? 

Many ski resorts will allow the Eretic Snow Scooters to be used. This is because they are equipped with real ski's that use a P-Tex base and metal edges just like skis and snowboards. 

The Eretics all come with a leash that has to be worn while on the lift to protect those skiing underneath

Here is a list of many resorts in Canada that are already confirmed to accept snow scooters - Where to ride in Canada 

There are MANY more who have not been added to this list but do accept snow scooters. Keep in mind, you should always call in advance to confirm if you are uncertain

The Eretics are also great for small backayrd or parc hills. You do not need a mountain to have a great time on one!


Is it safe and easy to ride? 

Like all action sports, there is an inherent risk while riding but not more so than skiing snowboarding or freestyle scootering for example. 

Anyone who has freestyle scooter experience and a bit of ski  snowboard experience will often pick up the sport quickly with no real problems. If you have never gone skiing or snowboarding, we highly recomend learning to brake and turn both ways on a small hill at a public park or the beginner slopes at a ski resort that allows snow scooters before riding at higher speeds.



Like ski's or snowboards, the p-tex base and metal edges on the eretic snow scooters require regular maintenance. This is important to keep the performance and longevity of your equipment as optimized as possible. Waxing the base regularly is very important. Edges will need to be sharpened at your own discretion. If you ride a lot of rails, never forget that edges can also be too sharp and cause more cathing hangups.