LaSaintHan! - Custom Scooter

$399.95 $540.65

LaSaintHan! - Custom Scooter

Jump onto this custom scooter and go from zero to LaSaintHan in a split second! With an eye-catching blue design, you'll be able to park cool and cheap anywhere you go. So what are you waiting for - hop on and enjoy the ride! πŸ›΄


Total Weight: 2.95kg / 6.5lbs
Total Height: 902mm / 35.5”
Grips: Sunday Jake Seeley Blue
Bars: Ethic DTC Dryade Butter aluminium.
Bars Height: 620mm / 24.4”
Bars Width: 584mm / 23"
Clamp: Oath Cage V2 oilslick
Headset: Trynyty Integrated Oilslick
Fork: Root Industries Air IHC oilslick
Deck: Ethic DTC Erawan 82.5 degree headtube
Deck Length: 525mm / 20.67"
Deck Width: 114mm / 4.49"
Deck Footspace: 356mm / 14"
Griptape: Triad Brain Griptape
Wheels: Root Industries AirWheels 110mm oilslick