Fuzion Entropy Marker's Mark - Scooter Complete

$219.95 $299.95

Take your riding to the next level with the Fuzion Entropy Marker's Mark complete. This scooter offers unparalleled versatility and strength, thanks to its hybrid boxed deck and 4130 chromoly Trynyty bars. And at such an affordable price, it's a no-brainer for any rider looking for high-quality and durable equipment.


Total Weight:  4kgs -  8.85lbs
Total Height: 851mm - 33.5”
Grips: Trynyty Grips
Bars: Trynyty WHY chromoly bars
Bars Height: 622mm - 24.5”
Bars Width: 560mm - 22"
Clamp: Trynyty Simple double clamp
Headset: Havoc Integrated
Fork: Antic Steel IHC
Deck: Fuzion Aluminium New Entropy Deck. Welded front plate. 83 degree HT and 5 degree concave. 
Deck Length: 520mm - 20.5”
Deck Width: 127mm - 5”
Deck Footspace: 380mm - 15"
Brake: Nylon and Steel Brake
Griptape: Root Industries cut out black
Wheels: Fuzion Hollowcore Marker 110x24mm