The Nati-Raw - Custom Scooter

$489.95 $599.95

The Nati-Raw Custom Scooter

The Nati-Raw - Custom Scooter offers the best of both worlds with its hybrid deck perfect for hybrid-style riders. Light but strong, the scooter comes with lightweight wheels, SCS compression, and a great color combination for a look that is sure to turn heads.


Total Weight: 3.85kg - 8.5lbs
Total Height: 990mm - 39”
Grips: Oath Bermuda
Bars: Triad Felon OS Butter Chromoly 
Bars Height: 686mm - 27”
Bars Width: 584mm - 23"
Clamp: Trynyty Simple SCS
Headset: Trynyty Integrated 
Fork: Striker Gravis SCS/HIC
Deck: Native Stem  
Deck Length: 560mm - 22"
Deck Width: 134mm - 5.25"
Deck Footspace: 420mm - 16"
Griptape: Urbanartt 
Wheels: Triad Conspiracy 110mm