Right off the bat, the new 2022 line-up of parts from Ethic DTC is just amazing! That being said, there's one big game changer with those parts and it's the arrival of the Legion V2. They remodelled the fork to be lighter and stronger than the previous version, all that while maintaining the lowest price possible. 

But what we're really interested in with that fork is the 3 different types related to the different compression systems. One for IHC, one for HIC and one for SCS. Ethic DTC has put a lot of thought into getting the perfect fit for each of the system and here's why -»



The SCS compression system requires the fork to reach approximately the middle of the clamp to be able to compress the headset well. If the fork tube length is too long, you'll need to compensate with headset spacers underneath the clamp resulting in a weaker and less aesthetic set-up. 

Most of the forks on the market meant for HIC / SCS will have a fork tube length of approximately 6" while the Legion V2 SCS has a shorter 5.75". This - 0.25" might not seem like a lot, but it will better fit your SCS set-up.

Although this version doesn't come with an HIC shim, you could still use it to fit that compression system just by buying one. At a 5.75" fork tube length, we're still pretty confident that you can get a good and strong HIC set-up (we still recommend the HIC version thought) 

Check the SCS version here

Here's a little reminder of how your SCS set-up Should be

 Perfect graphic to explain the SCS compression system for freestyle scooters


That is the version we're the most exited about! To have a strong HIC set-up, you need the fork to enter your bar at least over the slit. The higher it gets, the stronger the set-up (this is especially true with titanium bars). So Ethic DTC came up with an extra long fork tube length for the HIC version. At 6.69" long, you'll be sure to have the strongest HIC set-up out there.

This version comes with an HIC shim and we do not recommend using it on a SCS system. The length of the lube will create a need for unnecessary headset spacers. 

Check the HIC version here

Here's a little reminder of how your HIC set-up should be

The perfect graphic to understand the HIC compression system for freestyle scooters


Ethic DTC is finally coming into the IHC compression game! Following the same logic as the HIC version where the longer the fork tube is, the stronger the set-up will be, the IHC version of the Legion V2 comes with a tube of 6.5". This will strengthen your aluminium bars set-up while keeping the weight down at only 336g (fork with hardware) 

Check the IHC Version here

Here's a little reminder of how your IHC set-up should be

The perfect graphic to understand the IHC compression system for freestyle scooters 


It's all about compatibility baby! And strength. That new 12STD Legion V2 is meant to replace both the previous Legion 12STD and the Nemesis forks by keeping the best of both models (stronger legs of the Legion. Stronger tube of the Nemesis).

The 12STD Legion V2 is coming in an SCS version (shorter tube / no shim) and a HIC version (longer tube / shim included) like the normal 8STD ones. But there's 2 big differences on the 12STD versions: 

First, It fits 12 STD wheel and now comes with all the necessary hardware to fit the normal 8STD, 24mm wide wheel. 

Second and most important is that the 12 STD version uses 7075 aluminium which is way stronger (1.5x) than the average 6061, resulting in a better fork. Check here for more information on aluminium types.

Check the HIC version here / Check the SCS version here

Learn more about the 12 Standard here.

Gabriel Vinet