Cupsole or Vulcanized? 

Some of you might know your preferences while others might think those two words are useless informations, but it makes a big difference on the way your shoes will feel and you should take a quick scroll on that blog to help you understand what you buy. 

I'll make it quick and simple for you.


A vulcanized shoe has a flat outsole (brown part) that is basically heated multiple times to get it's shape and is stick to the upper part of the shoe. A foxing tape (white part on the side) is then added afterward on the side to strengthen the bond between the upper part of the shoe and the outsole. 

  • Flexible shoe
  • Better boarfeel
  • Less foot support 
  • Wear faster
  • Often less expensive then cupsoles

Those vulcanized shoes were always the preferred choice for skate shoes because of the thinner outsole that gives a better board feel. But we now see a lot of better, less bulkier cupsoles coming out that rival those. (although our cupsole exemple with the NB 808 model is bulkier...) 


A cupsole shoes, as the name implies, as the outsole in the shape of a cup that will be sewn / stick to the upper part of the shoe. 

  • Stiffer shoes
  • More support and protection
  • More durable
  • Usually more expensive 

All the brands now have a good selections of cupsole shoes and most of the new pro models coming out with the latest technologies are of that type. 

To conclude

There's no miracle choice there, one is not necessarily better then the other. You just need to be aware of what you're buying and eventually you'll find what you like most. 

Gabriel Vinet