Tree 4130 HT V2 Sprocket

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What are the benefits of that part?

We chose to use 4130 chromoly steel because it is a less expensive material when compared to 7075 aluminum. Since itäó»s such a stronger material itäó»s possible to create a minimalist look. The triangle shaped pockets are laser cut to remove material that is not needed leaving only the material necessary to form a high strength to weight structure.

Then the centerhole, bolt hole location, and teeth are CNC machined for concentricy. And finally the sprocket is heatreated.

The 4130 HT V2 sprocket has went through 3 prototypes of finite element computer analysis, real world testing, and laboratory testing.

The teeth have been modeled after the tooth shape used for industrial machinery. In industrial situations this engineered tooth shape keeps machinery running quietly and smoothly at very high RPMäó»s. For BMX it makes it the smoothest running sprocket. Also the teeth are made tall to prevent the chain from derailing.