Oath Lattice 110x26mm (PAIR) - Scooter Wheels



Oath Lattice 110x26mm Freestyle Scooter Wheels

The Lattice wheel continues in the Oath traditions of super complex, forged mirrored hollow cores. Purposefully designed for maximum strength whilst light in weight at just 215grams/7.58oz. Our low profile 26mm Tactile Urethane dramatically enlarges the wheels contact patch, improving control and stability. The Lattice wheels come fitted with high grade Oath Fidelity bearings, constructed with the right blend of speed and durability.


Weigth: 215g (per wheel)

Diameter: 110mm

PU Width: 26mm

Core Width: 24mm

PU Hardness: 88A

Bearings: Oath Fidelity Bearings

Core Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium