MGP VX7 Mini Pro Complete Scooter


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New for 2017, the VX7 Mini Pro scooter is what all you young shredders have been asking for!

We packed the VX7 Mini Pro with everything you expect to see on a Pro Scooter, just in a easier to handle mini size.

The deck is 2.5” shorter and the bars are proportioned for younger riders at 18” W x 22” H. The VX7 Mini Pro is the new standard for the next crop of Pro riders.


The VX7 Mini Pro Scooter is the ultimate entry level pro scooter for younger riders.

As the sport continues to evolve, younger kids are going bigger than ever and we made sure that the VX7 Mini Pro was packed with all the best parts in a lighter and smaller package.

One Piece Bar, IHC, Integrated Headtube, Alloy Core Wheels, Blitz Brake… this thing is the ultimate setup for the next Ryan Williams.