La Briflipeuse - Scooter Complete

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La Briflipeuse -  Freestyle Scooter Complete

Another awesome and affordable custom complete is ready to roll out of the shop. Will let you instantly land briflips we're telling you!


Total Weight: 3.4kgs / 7.5 pounds

Total Height: 840mm / 33.5”

Grips: ODI Longneck SLX 160mm Iridescent Purple

Bars: Root Industries Invictus Aluminium AfterBurner Rocket Fuel 

Bars Height: 596mm / 23.5"

Bars Width: 585mm / 23"

Clamp: Fasen 2 Bolts Oil Slick

Headset: Root Industries Integrated

Fork: Envy Prodigy v2 IHC Oil Slick 

Deck: Fasen Team Deck Jara Mini Sukup 20.5X4.75

Deck Length: 510mm / 20.5"

Deck Width: 120mm / 4.75"

Deck Footspace: 345mm / 13.5”

Brake: Fasen Nylon one bolt 110mm to 120mm

Griptape: High Quality Jessup Black 

Wheels: Root Industries Air 110mm X 24mm Rocket Fuel core with Black PU