Hella Grip Dan Barrett Signature Grip Tape


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Hella Grip -Dan Barrett Sig Grip Tape

  • Dan Barret Signature Tape-100% Made in the USA
  • Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner
  • Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
  • Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive
  • Sheet Measures 22 x 5 Inches

Dan was directly involved in the brainstorming, design, and fine-tuning of his own signature grip image, which has never before been used on a sheet of Hella Grip. Weäó»ve produced 2000 sheets of Danäó»s grip to be sold through select retailers and HellaGrip.com. We are proud to produce our 1st ever signature Hella Grip Homie sheet for a homie who has greatly advanced the entire sport through the advancement of his own signature riding style. The other Hella Grip Homies figure that a rider with such notoriously fancy footwork deserves to have a special sheet of Hella Grip for gripping those fast äóÖnäó» fancy feet. Congratulations Mr. Dan Barrett! Youäó»ve gone and done it again! -McMasher (Hella Grip Co-Owner)