Ethic Iconoclast 12STD Complete (Limited Edition) - Complete Scooter

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Brand Ethic

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The Ethic DTC Complete Inconoclast is the variante of the classic Vulcain 12STD Complete with a lighter deck. Always Big and lighter.

This scooter include: Iconoclast Evo2 Deck, Legion 12std fork, Almasty v2 bar HIC, Mogway v2 12std wheels.

Weight: 8.3 lbs (3764g)

Deck Lenght: 21,6 in (550mm)

Deck Width: 4.9 in (125mm)

Angle: 83°

Material: Aluminium 6061 Steel 4130

Bar Height: 26,4 in (670mm)

Bar Width: 23,6 in (600mm)

Bar: Oversized, Butted, with Backsweep, HIC

Wheels: 12STD 125mm