Envy Reaper V3 675mm - Scooter Bars

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The all new revamped Envy Flavio Pesenti Reaper v3.0 Bars are a creation from heaven. Now manufactured using High Density Aluminium, Thicker Cross Bar Diameter, featuring a stylish new forged front cut out to maintain strength & reduce while keeping it's roots in the reaper line, new Reaper bar decals, & slimmer bar extrusions/gussets, you thought the Reaper v2.0 bars were the pinnacle, think again.

Whilst the Envy Reaper bars are our recommended choice of aluminium bars, we would advise riders that aluminium bars are not as strong as chromolly bars, and so if you are prone to breaking bars we would recommend going for the stronger chromolly bars.

The Envy Reaper bars are about the tallest aluminium bars on the market, yet are about 30% lighter than standard bars.

WIDTH: 25.00
HEIGHT: 29.00
DEPTH: 1.70