Crimson Red Custom - Scooter Complete

$699.95 $799.95

Crimson Red Custom Freestyle Scooter Complete

Big, Wide, Tall and Strong , Here is the Crimson Red Custom !


Total Weight: 4.8kgs / 10.58 pounds

Total Height: 1014mm / 39.5”

Grips: Havoc Handle 2.0 Black

Bars: Trynyty T&T Trans Red

Bars Height: 711mm / 28"

Bars Width: 610mm / 24"

Clamp: OATH Carcass SCS Titanium/Red

Headset: Havoc Integrated (no top cap)

Fork: Trynyty Mastodon Black

Deck: Aztek Jake Sorenssen 666 Signature

Deck Length: 584mm / 23"

Deck Width: 169mm / 6.66"

Brake: Aztek Steel Fender

Griptape: Jessup Black

Wheels: OATH Binary 115 X 30mm Titanium/Red core wit Black PU